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ORIGINAL Wayuu yarn ball/skein - WCO

ORIGINAL Wayuu yarn ball/skein - WCO


This is the one and only ORIGINAL Wayuu yarn. Their most famous raw material for most of their beautiful products. Only one company secretly makes this yarn, and the Wayuu community ONLY buys from them. It's a semi-synthetic textile fibre with a unique and secret recipe that all lovers of crochet and/or Wayúu products will cherish and love to use. In the beginning, the yarn was made from local wool and naturally colored, but as the Wayuu products gained so much recognition, they started to use artificial colors and then manageed to cooperate with a group of entrepeneurs to manufacture their unique yarn. It is now industrially made, but equally special. There have been up to 200 different colors, but because of logistics and the current economic crisis, around 25 colors are manufactured at a time. So the color palette will usually vary from season to season. Don't forget to ask which colors are currently available. Yarn balls/skein are of 40gr weight when used in the Wayuu tradition, but you may order in other presentations too. Your crochet artwork will definitely improve with this yarn!


    You may customize you product in any way, but prices will be renegotiated in accordance to your request. You may request different sizes, specific color combinations, and even tweek the decorations per piece (pom poms or tassels for example) . Product customization will normally take an additional 20-30 days of lead time. 

    You may have your order produced in batches. After each batch is produced we will send you 1 photo of each product for your approval. Nonetheless, each production batch will have to be paid in advance (excluding freight).


    Once paid, there will be no reimbursements unless:

    1) Excess payment was made by mistake.

    2) We have run out of supplies to produce any of the ordered models. In this case we will reimburse only the value of those specific models and continue with production of the rest of the order.

    3) Client is disatisfied with the product and would like to halt the rest of production that has not yet been started. 

    4) Final product reaches the client with unfixable factory (not transport or boxing) defects.

    5) There is a renegotiation of terms that is fair and acceptable to both parties.

    In above cases, transfer fees will be deducted from the total value to be reimbursed,

    Returns of exported products will never be accepted due to the expensive and complicated nature of international shipping.


    Please finalize your order on the website to get an aproximate shipping value. The actual shipping value will be given to you once your order is boxed.

    Shipping can be done via seafreight or airfreight in accordance to your preference. FOB terms preferred. We are able to quote and organize the shipping, but the full cost must be borne by the customer.

    Some products may require an additional local transport, because most tribes are far from the cities. All freight will be quoted at cost to the client (We do not profit on the freight). Freight must be paid in advance for the order to be sent. The client is responsible for sending all the delivery information requested by us. 

    We pack our products with care, but sometimes they are mishandled by the transporter or the customs agents. We are not responsible for this extra handling. The client is also responsible for paying any destination charges, taxes, or import fees. The client is responsible for customs clearance at destination and may require hiring the services of a specialized customs agent. 


    The photos uploaded on this website are real-life samples that have been sold in the past (currently unavailable) and are to serve as a guide to make your order.  Please remember that each new piece that is produced is unique.

  • PRE-order photos/videos of your ordered items

    You might be interested in having us take professional photos or videos of your products before we ship them; that way you can upload them to your website/social media accounts/marketplace, show them to your clients, and start selling even before receiving the product!

    Prices start at:

    COP$5000 per item, for 1 photo of each item.

    COP$8000 per item, for 2 photos of each item. 

    COP$9000 per item, for 3 photos of each item. 

    COP$14000 per item, for 3 photos of each item + 1 video.

    * Above prices apply for:

    PHOTOS: either 1080pixel x 1080pixel JPG format in pure white background, or 1080pixel x 1080pixel PNG format with transparent background. Additional requirements may be negotiated separately.

    VIDEOS:  1080pixel x 1080pixel, 2-to-3 second, GIF format in white-textured background. Additional requirements may be negotiated separately.


    To be elegible for the special export/wholesale prices, the following criteria must be met:

    1) Payment must be made in cash or through direct bank transfer ONLY. (No debit cards, credit cards, payment intermediaries, etc).

    2) Minimum purchase of 10 items of each of the SKU's selected for the order.

    3) These prices do not apply to the existing items in central warehouse (in Bogotá) and/or those items already displayed on website (A.k.a retail items). Your ordered items will be either made-to-order or sourced from the artisan's current stocks.

    4) If criteria above is not met, each case/SKU will be negotiated separately.

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